mercredi 6 avril 2011

Colors, Colors!

During the making of 'Sweet Suicide Cook', we thought a lot about the film colors.

We made colorkeys and colorscripts to help us choose the best possible colors to match the emotions and meaning of each shot.

Even though the time was too short to really make a perfect adaptation of our first ideas, but we are not so far from them. Time was really the biggest challenge of making 'Sweet Suicide Cook'. We were forced to make hard choices to make sure we would finish the film in time. That's why the overall lighting is more based on a  'safe solution' than on an 'innovative and risky way'. Indeed, this was a very interesting way to learn how to manage time (and budget)...

So, here are some Sweet Suicide Cook color studies :

2D images are made by Céline Jolly and Adrien Amilhat
3D images are made by Bérénice Rogazy and François Gastaldo

vendredi 1 avril 2011

Posters and Wallpapers

Discover the posters of the film !

Céline was the 2D and Concept Design Leader of the team, and she made these posters. We really like her 2D design and her interpretation of the "Sweet Suicide Cook" characters.

All students from ESTEI know those posters very well, as we covered the school interior walls with them! March 11 was not the public release date, but the sneak preview (“Avant-premiere”) at school.

jeudi 31 mars 2011

François’s Sweet Suicide Cook Reel

To offer you a first look inside Sweet Suicide Cook, this video shows a summary of François’ work on the film.

François, like all of us, worked on many parts of the film. He has contributed a lot to layout, mainly by managing a ‘spider web pipeline’ using more than 28 scripts. We will soon release documents about that.

François was not alone, and you’ll see contributions of the other team members in future posts.
So don’t hesitate to regularly check this blog to discover new things about Sweet Suicide Cook !

mercredi 30 mars 2011

Sweet Suicide Cook Now in 1080p

The first release was in 720p (1280x720 pixels). As the original film is in FullHD, we’ve decided to re-release it in 1080p !

So, now, here is the 1080p version :

Sweet Suicide Cook 1080p from Sweet Suicide Cook on Vimeo.

Of course, it's not Blu-ray quality yet, as the film size would be considerably larger : more than 600Mb ! A little bit too much for internet viewing. If you wish to see the movie in the highest quality, just mail us !

mardi 29 mars 2011

Meet us Saturday

On Saturday 2 April, the ESTEI’s doors are opened for you! We will be here to talk with you about us and our project !

We will be happy to answer your questions and to show you how the film was made. So, join us on Saturday 2 April, at the ESTEI School, in Bordeaux : JPO ESTEI

Sweet Suicide Cook, the Film!

Let’s start this blog with the result : the final movie !

Enjoy !

Sweet Suicide Cook from Sweet Suicide Cook on Vimeo.

Welcome to the Sweet Suicide Cook Blog!

Welcome to the ‘Sweet Suicide Cook’ Blog !

‘Sweet Suicide Cook’ is a Student Short Movie made by Bérénice Rogazy, Céline Jolly, Matthieu Chevillot and François Gastaldo. It was made in just 6 months during our first year of Master Degree, at the ESTEI School, in Bordeaux, France. We are now proud to show it to all of you !

On this blog, we will show you how this film was made, from the first steps to the final release. We will also keep you informed of the further evolution of the movie and of our participation in film festivals.

Instead of releasing a DVD, we prefer to offer you a Making of, Art of, and every other secret from behind the curtain -for free- on this blog. We hope you will enjoy them ! Feel free to ask questions, write comments and give links to other student films or blogs.

Making a short film in only 6 months, from the first ideas to the official release, has been a hard work, and we are proud to let you discover it.

So, enjoy this blog, and enjoy ‘Sweet Suicide Cook’ !